Search Process
When Accountants Direct takes on a new search, we begin by getting to know our client. We take the time to learn about the company’s culture, its history, and its current business objectives. A site visit is conducted whenever possible. Of course, we discuss the job description, compensation and all the details of the position, everything from the necessary skill set and experience to the long term vision of the position.

Then, we begin our search. Accountants Direct has proven experience in knowing where to recruit accounting and finance professionals. Accountants Direct generates leads, networks in professional circles, recruits from industry competitors and utilizes multi-industry databases. We screen candidates, not just for their skills and goals, but also for their suitability for the organization.

Accountants Direct does not oversell a job to potential candidates. It is not our purpose to make a quick placement. Rather, it is our purpose to find candidates who will be happy in the position initially and with the organization long-term, thereby contributing to our client’s ability to meet business objectives.
The Fundamentals:
Ethics- Candidates are screened for positive attitudes, punctuality, dependability, honesty, and integrity.

Education - Candidates are screened for the appropriate education and training, both formal and informal.

Motivation - A candidate must want to contribute to the success of a potential employer's mission without any conflicts of interest or incompatible values. We make sure goals of both candidate and client are aligned.
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